Should You Purchase These 3 Common Auto Coverage Add-Ons?

The basic auto insurance coverage most people are familiar with is liability coverage. In at-fault states, liability coverage protects drivers from accidents caused by others. Liability coverage also provides some protection for the policyholder against litigation if they cause an accident. Most at-fault states require minimum liability coverage levels to register a vehicle legally.

However, while liability is typically the only required coverage type, it's not the only coverage offered by most insurers. If you're weighing the pros and cons of choosing some optional add-ons for your policy, this article will discuss three common choices and why you might want to consider paying a little more on your premium to receive them.

1. Medical Payment Coverage

What It Is: It's a common misconception that liability coverage also pays for medical expenses. Liability coverage only covers property damage, so additional coverage is necessary for injuries. Medical payments coverage fills this gap, and it will pay out (up to its limit) before your health insurance takes over.

Why You Want It: There are several reasons why you may want medical coverage, even if you already have insurance. This coverage will also include other passengers in your vehicle, helping to pay for their expenses even if they're uninsured. It can also fill in if your health insurance doesn't cover accidents. Since it's usually relatively cheap, medical payment coverage is often a smart choice.

2. Rental Reimbursement Coverage

What It Is: Rental reimbursement coverage allows you to receive a rental car from your insurer following an accident. This coverage usually works even if you're at fault for an accident. Typical plans specify both a daily and maximum limit, and you may be able to receive partial reimbursement if you choose a rental car above your daily maximum.

Why You Want It: Dealing with accidents is stressful, and being without transportation can quickly add to that stress. Rental reimbursement coverage is another relatively cheap add-on that can reduce frustration and add peace of mind. Unless you're counting pennies on your premiums, it's often a worthwhile add-on.

3. No-Deductible Glass Coverage

What It Is: Glass coverage is typically an add-on feature available if you already have collision or comprehensive coverage. This policy add-on will allow you to repair or replace the glass on your car either with no deductible or a very low deductible. Note that some states mandate that insurers must provide this coverage.

Why You Want It: Collision and comprehensive coverage are often the most expensive policy options, so many people choose high deductibles. Replacing your glass with a high-deductible policy may mean paying some or all of the cost out of pocket. Choosing no-deductible or low-deductible coverage will allow you to deal with potentially dangerous windshield coverage at little or no expense.

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